Human Relationships


  • Total Headcount: 200
    • 77% Hands on
    • 18% Supervisory & Managerial
    • 5% Support Staff
      More than 25% of the employees are Bachelor Degree Holders or Better(Post Graduate).
  • Policy:
    Find a Role that Fits a Person rather than Force-Fit a Person into a Pre-Defined Role.

Progressive HR Policies

  1. No person below 18 year if age is employed in the company.
  2. Every person is trained for safety precautions at the time of induction.
  3. Every employee and his/her family is insured for medical expenses and compensation(ESIC).
  4. Consumption of Tobacco in any form is prohibited in the factory premises.
  5. Medical health checkup is conducted regularly for all employees.
  6. Structured induction process is followed during induction period of each employee.
  7. Code of conduct:
    1. No employee should share any company information with outsiders.
    2. No company employee should accept/give any gift from/to outsiders.